Dells XPS 13 An Excellent New Laptop With Great Features

Let’s see the new laptop from Dell company about Dell XPS 13 laptop

dell xps 13 laptop


We reviewed 2 models of the Dell XPs 13. One came geared up with a 7th-generation Core i5-7200U (Kaby Lake) processor, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB disk drive and 1080p display. The other included a Core i7-7500U CPU, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and a 3200 x 1800 touchscreen. Both sets of elements offered speedy performance in daily use and our lab tests, even if the difference in between this generation and the last design isn’t that considerable.

Even with more than a lots tabs open, I was able to quickly change from streaming the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, to popping into the Spotify Web Player, to beginning a Skype call. The XPS 13 didn’t stutter.
On Geekbench 3, which measures total efficiency, the Core i5 model scored 7159 and the Core i7 laptop computer notched 7915. Those are solid ratings, beating the HP Spectre with a 6th-generation Core i5 (7026) and blowing past the Core m5-powered MacBook (5906). The 7th-generation Core i7-powered Lenovo Yoga 910 (7988) beat both variations of the XPS 13.
The XPS 13’s PCI-e NVMe solid-state drive is pretty quick, hitting 339.3 megabytes per second. That easily beats the HP Spectre (195.9 MBps) and the Yoga 910 (244.2 MBps) however doesn’t rather exceed the MacBook’s 355.9 MBps.

The brand-new XPS 13 deals genuinely legendary endurance, enduring 13 hours and 49 minutes on the Laptop Mag web surfing battery test.
You’ll have no problem crunching numbers with this ultraportable. The Core i5 XPS 13 took a brisk 3 minutes and 55 seconds (the Core i7 took 3:44) to match 20,000 names and addresses in OpenOffice. The HP Spectre kipped down a comparable time to the Dell, and the Yoga 910 (3:34) and MacBook (3:11) were even much faster.

Graphics Performance

I was pleasantly shocked to see the XPS 13’s Intel HD Graphics 620 card manage the Dirt 3 driving game. With an Xbox controller connected to the laptop computer, I took pleasure in fairly good frame rates of simply over 28 fps on 1920 x 1080 at medium settings.
The XPS 13 also turned in an improved score on 3DMark Fire Strike, notching 916 (927 on Core i7). The Yoga 910 had a similar score of 915, however the HP Spectre (801) fared worse, with an older Intel 520 graphics card.

About Wi-Fi

The Dell XPS 13’s Killer 1535 Wireless-AC card, which comes requirement on all configurations, is one of my preferred functions. If I had this laptop instead of my 12-inch MacBook when I was working from house, I ‘d have a much easier time remaining connected to my workplace.

To check this card, I put both the XPS 13 and the MacBook on my desk, upstairs and down the corridor from my router in the living room. The XPS 13 had no trouble packing websites like and rapidly, however the Apple laptop had a hard time to preserve a connection.

To validate these results, I downloaded the NetSpot program, which surveys cordless networks and measures signal strength. From this very same place, the XPS 13 delivered a pretty good 42 percent on the 2.4-GHz band and 23 percent on the 5-GHz band. The MacBook scored simply 37 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

Great Web Cam

The greatest weakness of the XPS 13 is its cam, and it’s not because of the picture quality. Due to the fact that there’s no space above the display, Dell positioned the electronic camera below the screen, on the left side, right near the hinge. This odd placement leads to an extremely unflattering angle of your chin, as I experienced during a Skype video chat with a coworker.

Due to the fact that the webcam isn’t really centered, I had to rearrange the laptop computer so I wasn’t far off to the right in the frame.

Battery Life

The Dell XPS 13 was currently among the longest-lasting ultraportables on the marketplace, and the brand-new variation consists of a beefier 60-watt-hour battery– up from 56 watt hours on the previous model. As a result, the brand-new nontouch variation of the XPS 13 deals truly epic endurance, enduring 13 hours and 49 minutes on the Laptop computer Mag web surfing battery test. (We set all screens at 100 nits of brightness.).

You may want to think two times about the touch screen model if you really care about battery life. The XPS 13 we tested with a Core i7 CPU and a husky 3200 x 1800 touchscreen display lasted 4 and a half hours less, a time of 9:11. Still, that’s much better than the ultraportable average of 8:05.

That runtime means the XPS 13 lasted 3 hours longer than the Asus UX306UA (10:44), 4 hours longer than the Apple MacBook (9:38) and more than double the HP Spectre (6:13). The previous nontouch XPS 13 lasted 11:54.
The nontouch XPS 13 lasted 3 hours longer than the Yoga 910 (10:36), 4 hours longer than the Apple MacBook (9:38) and more than double the HP Spectre (6:13). The previous nontouch XPS 13 lasted 11:54.