Lenovo ThinkPad L460 With Affordable Price Below $1000 For College

When it comes to the business accomplishment, laptop is one of important need. Selecting the laptop for college students can be the daunting task since there are lots of laptops manufactured for business purpose. However, Lenovo ThinkPad L460 can be the choice. It is built for small to the medium size business with modest budget and big requirement. This laptop offers the combination if usability, affordable price, security, and durability. Although it is priced cheaper, it still offers best in class keyboards, sharp screen, and over 22 hours for its endurance. This laptop will be able to provide the first class productivity and lots of values for money.

The Reviews of Lenovo ThinkPad L460

The reviews of this laptop for college students are started from its design. This ThinkPad laptop has the similar, simpler, and black aesthetic as most others Lenovo business laptop. This laptop material is made from PC/Abs plastics chassis which has the rough surfaces. Yet, the body feels truly sturdy and solid with the hinge which seems specifically tight. This laptop part of best laptops under 1000 dollars is light enough for carrying around all days. It weighs about 4.4 pounds and 13.34 X 9.23 X 0.95 for its dimension.

By means of durability, this Lenovo Laptop is design to withstand several abuses. Based on credible sources, this best laptop for business has passed the test for the vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures. Alike the others ThinkPad type, this one also has the undergone internal dumps and stress test for ensuring that the laptop could handle getting knocked as it is brought when travelling. The security of this budget laptop is supported with spill resistant keyboards which take the small water splash and drain those out of the holes at the bottom of the laptop.

Security is also crucial part to classify particular laptop as the best one. However, since it is completed with solid security feature that includes Intel vPro manageability and TPM encryption. This laptop also can be configured with fingerprint reader and smart-card reader. On the display feature, this laptop has 14 inch screen with 1920 X 1080 resolutions. This matte display offers shard details, solid viewing angles, and accurate colors. Based on the colorimeter, it has 67% of sRGB for color gamut.

On the audio features, this laptop has bottom mounted, powerful speakers. So, the users would not get the problems in providing the audio visual presentation to the giant conferences rooms which are full of people. The audio has clear separation of the sounds between the instrument on left and vocal on right. Although there is several number of major tininess at the maximum volumes, the output is more accurate and richer as it is compared with the others competitor. With Dolby Audio, it allows the users to select from among the presets for the different sound types including Voice, Game, Music, and Movie.

The Pros and Cons

To sum up, this Lenovo ThinkPad L460 offers long battery life with its extended keyboards, loud audio, and best in class keyboards. However, although this affordable laptop for college students is lighter enough to carry on every day, it is heavier and thicker than the others competitor. It also has the jumpy touchpad. Overall, with its long battery life, sharp screen, and snappy keyboard, this laptop is amazing option for business accomplishment. Well it’s a good laptop, you will enjoy more review.