Great Perfomance, Spacious, and Fast Laptop For Under $500 HP Notebook 15

HP Notebook 15 is big laptop that comes with great quality on any aspect including the latest developed Intel Core i5 generation processor, very spacious room, and longer time period.

hp 15-ay011nr review

Looking for the best notebook that presenting high great quality on every aspect is the HP Notebook 15. Hawlett-Packard is introducing one of the best items that show very good quality. Just by looking at the specifications, each of the side starting from the visual look, the machine material, the engine and other support features come with incredible performance. As it is included as laptop type, this item comes with very big screen size which is exactly at 15.6 inches. The storage is made with hilarious space. Other specifications are described below.

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HP Notebook 15 Specifications

This notebook 2017 is the wide screen type notebook that coming 15.6 inches. The screen has been modified with high definition screen resolution that produced very clear and bright colors. Enjoying the photos, video, or data will be much comfortable and remarkable. Browsing or searching any web page will be more fun since it can show fast response ad quick connectable. This item uses the best processor Intel processor. It uses Intel Core i5 with number 6200U. This produces very best and quick response on every performance.

Wonderful and Spacious Storage

The great quality and performance looks more completed as it is created with great and big storage on both RAM and hard disk. The RAM of this item is available on 8 GB for DDR3L SDRAM while the hard disk comes with very big and spacious room as it comes with 1 TB with 5400 RPM series from ATA type HDD. Wonderful room makes documenting or making data becomes even more comfortable. Searching or downloading data or applications becomes even easier. Enjoying and saving data will be more fun. The expanded space is one of the best sides coming up from this item.

Fast responding and easy working come from windows 10 as it is the genuine Home operating system attached there. When it is combined with compatible Intel Core i5 then it produces great performance. Moreover it has very big space that let people can use it more comfortable. This will not be perfect without having very clear sounds audio and great quality battery type. This bright notebook produces very clears sounds that comes from DTS studio. Any activity using this notebook like listening music, playing games, r watching videos becomes livelier.

There is also DVD player that has been attached there. Other great features that exist here is the playfully application called snapfish. This special application helps to collect photos all in one place. Thus it can be enjoyed all in moments without having trouble or difficulties of finding the files. The HP support assistant is the other application that gives more helpful side while performing the machine. The high definition camera is even available to complete the best features produced by this item.

As it can produce very fast and quick performance from Intel Core i5 and Dual Core it performs the speed up to 2.3 GHz while when it comes with turbo boost, the speed can be boast upto 2.8 GHz. This item has very large yet great ratio body. The dimension is 15.12 inches x 10.2 inches x 0.95 inches that has been covered with silver color, giving magnificent look. This item uses ion lithium battery that can stay alive for 7 hours’ time. This item weight is 4.7 inches. All of the spec shows that this item really appears with great performance that will not let people feel down.

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