Great Perfomance, Spacious, and Fast Laptop For Under $500 HP Notebook 15

HP Notebook 15 is big laptop that comes with great quality on any aspect including the latest developed Intel Core i5 generation processor, very spacious room, and longer time period.

hp 15-ay011nr review

Looking for the best notebook that presenting high great quality on every aspect is the HP Notebook 15. Hawlett-Packard is introducing one of the best items that show very good quality. Just by looking at the specifications, each of the side starting from the visual look, the machine material, the engine and other support features come with incredible performance. As it is included as laptop type, this item comes with very big screen size which is exactly at 15.6 inches. The storage is made with hilarious space. Other specifications are described below.

HP Notebook 15 Specifications    

This best laptop for under 500 is the wide screen type notebook that coming 15.6 inches. The screen has been modified with high definition screen resolution that produced very clear and bright colors. Enjoying the photos, video, or data will be much comfortable and remarkable. Browsing or searching any web page will be more fun since it can show fast response ad quick connectable. This item uses the best processor Intel processor. It uses Intel Core i5 with number 6200U. This produces very best and quick response on every performance.

Wonderful and Spacious Storage

The great quality and performance looks more completed as it is created with great and big storage on both RAM and hard disk. The RAM of this item is available on 8 GB for DDR3L SDRAM while the hard disk comes with very big and spacious room as it comes with 1 TB with 5400 RPM series from ATA type HDD. Wonderful room makes documenting or making data becomes even more comfortable. Searching or downloading data or applications becomes even easier. Enjoying and saving data will be more fun. The expanded space is one of the best sides coming up from this item.

Fast responding and easy working come from windows 10 as it is the genuine Home operating system attached there. When it is combined with compatible Intel Core i5 then it produces great performance. Moreover it has very big space that let people can use it more comfortable. This will not be perfect without having very clear sounds audio and great quality battery type. This bright notebook produces very clears sounds that comes from DTS studio. Any activity using this notebook like listening music, playing games, r watching videos becomes livelier.

There is also DVD player that has been attached there. Other great features that exist here is the playfully application called snapfish. This special application helps to collect photos all in one place. Thus it can be enjoyed all in moments without having trouble or difficulties of finding the files. The HP support assistant is the other application that gives more helpful side while performing the machine. The high definition camera is even available to complete the best features produced by this item.

As it can produce very fast and quick performance from Intel Core i5 and Dual Core it performs the speed up to 2.3 GHz while when it comes with turbo boost, the speed can be boast upto 2.8 GHz. This item has very large yet great ratio body. The dimension is 15.12 inches x 10.2 inches x 0.95 inches that has been covered with silver color, giving magnificent look. This item uses ion lithium battery that can stay alive for 7 hours’ time. This item weight is 4.7 inches. All of the spec shows that this item really appears with great performance that will not let people feel down.

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Best Budget Laptops under 500 Acer Aspire E15

Even a superb low-cost notebook needs to manage web browsers and word processors without being unusable slow-moving and some $250 laptops aren’t. Six browser tabs, original Flash games, and Microsofts WordPad was my minimal pub. Construct quality. Displays are quite iffy at this cost, however. Battery life should be six hours, minimum. It’s possible for you to get that for $250. This alone meant it outperformed all the other low-cost notebooks I attempted.

I can’t call it a workhorse, but still, serve people who have simple needs very well. It’s got an excellent keyboard with well-spaced, springy chiclet keys, a responsive touchpad, and a strong six hours of battery life. The plastic body feels strong, not inexpensive, and the machine remains cool and quiet even with the Celeron chip taxed. If you shop around, you might even have the ability to get a quad core Pentium version for the same or a little more cash. It’s worth it for a remarkable jump in speed.

In this event, that contains the headphone jack. It’s also interesting to note that though other versions in the Aspire E 15 line come in a wide selection of colours, at $250 your only option is black. If you’re trying to find little, light, and budget friendly, the $200 HP Stream 11 is surprisingly amazing. With an 11-inch display and a chassis that weighs only 2.74 pounds, it readily slips into a bag. It’s got a solid computer keyboard, an adequate touchpad, 6 hours of battery life, and comes in a pair of brilliant colours blue and pink instead of the standard black or grey.

Acer Aspire E15 Laptop

You’re meant to save or stream many your information from the cloud. On the plus side, that 32GB consists of fast solid state storage which makes the Stream astonishingly nimble. It’ll also manage MS Office applications just high, though don’t expect to do lots of multitasking. Indoors, a quad-core Intel Atom Z3735 and 2GB of RAM run things comparatively nicely. The operation was smooth even with light multitasking, though not fast. The energy-sipping Atom central processing unit is also in charge of the X205s long battery life. In our real world tests, it lasted a little over 8 hours. Lose the display brightness down to a still-useable 40% and you’ll be able to get close to the 12 hours that Asus guarantees. At $200 there are some restrictions. The bright display is somewhat reflective, even inside. Like the Stream 11, there’s just a 32GB SSD indoors. Then there’s the awful computer keyboard, with short, rectangular keys that caused me many typos. If you’re an Asus fan, perhaps you can cope.

The $200 Asus T100 one of the best budget laptops laptop under 500 you can acquire, and it’s a fantastic low-cost machine interval so much time as you can stand the miniature 10.1-inch display, the little computer keyboard, and the manner it can tip over backwards if you use it on your lap. And, naturally, you can just press a button to pop the display out of the computer keyboard dock and use it as a tablet PC. It’s only not the greatest as a notebook. If you’re at all contemplating an Android tablet computer purchase right now, feel free to quit. I say that because, in a few weeks, Android programs, and the Google Play store will arrive on select Chromebooks.

By the end of the year, those same programs will come on dozens and dozens of added Chromebooks at fluctuating costs and in quite a few types, some of which can emulate a tablet PC encounter. This significant move of Android programs onto Chromebooks from Google has all but removed the demand for Android tablet computers even to exist. Tablet computers were created years ago as bigger screened variations of our smartphones because we all believed that on a larger display, you could do more, become more productive, and perhaps even remove your notebook.

That, needless to say, hasn’t occurred because tablet PC operating systems are quite straightforward in kind and lack the intense multi-tasking a conventional computer can offer. Sure, they may provide better mobile media encounters since they’re frequently more portable, but the lack of robust characteristics have made them terrible selections over a MacBook or Windows notebook. With Chromebooks now running Android programs alongside Chrome OS, I believe we may be stepping into a universe of pure mobile ecstasy that finds an ideal middle ground of best laptops under 500 and tablet PC. Yesterday, Google revealed the media Google Play and Android programs working seamlessly on a Chromebook.

The programs run just like you’d expect they’d run on your mobile or tablet PC, but they do so in standalone windows, sort of like you see on any other computer. Only bear in mind that this isn’t the small PC program choice you likely whine about this is the Google Play program choice with millions and millions of programs which you have been using for years. On Chromebooks, all of your favourite programs are likely to be accessible and will only function.

Lenovo ThinkPad L460 With Affordable Price Below $1000

When it comes to the business accomplishment, laptop is one of important need. Selecting the best laptop under 1000 can be the daunting task since there are lots of laptops manufactured for business purpose. However, Lenovo ThinkPad L460 can be the choice. It is built for small to the medium size business with modest budget and big requirement. This laptop offers the combination if usability, affordable price, security, and durability. Although it is priced cheaper, it still offers best in class keyboards, sharp screen, and over 22 hours for its endurance. This laptop will be able to provide the first class productivity and lots of values for money.

Lenovo Thinkpad L460 review


The Reviews of Lenovo ThinkPad L460

The reviews of this best laptop for under 1000 Dollars are started from its design. This ThinkPad laptop has the similar, simpler, and black aesthetic as most others Lenovo business laptop. This laptop material is made from PC/Abs plastics chassis which has the rough surfaces. Yet, the body feels truly sturdy and solid with the hinge which seems specifically tight. This laptop part of best laptops under 1000 dollars is light enough for carrying around all days. It weighs about 4.4 pounds and 13.34 X 9.23 X 0.95 for its dimension.

By means of durability, this Lenovo Laptop is design to withstand several abuses. Based on credible sources, this best laptop for business has passed the test for the vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures. Alike the others ThinkPad type, this one also has the undergone internal dumps and stress test for ensuring that the laptop could handle getting knocked as it is brought when travelling. The security of this budget laptop is supported with spill resistant keyboards which take the small water splash and drain those out of the holes at the bottom of the laptop.

Security is also crucial part to classify particular laptop as the best one. However, since it is completed with solid security feature that includes Intel vPro manageability and TPM encryption. This laptop also can be configured with fingerprint reader and smart-card reader. On the display feature, this laptop has 14 inch screen with 1920 X 1080 resolutions. This matte display offers shard details, solid viewing angles, and accurate colors. Based on the colorimeter, it has 67% of sRGB for color gamut.

On the audio features, this laptop has bottom mounted, powerful speakers. So, the users would not get the problems in providing the audio visual presentation to the giant conferences rooms which are full of people. The audio has clear separation of the sounds between the instrument on left and vocal on right. Although there is several number of major tininess at the maximum volumes, the output is more accurate and richer as it is compared with the others competitor. With Dolby Audio, it allows the users to select from among the presets for the different sound types including Voice, Game, Music, and Movie.

The Pros and Cons

To sum up, this Lenovo ThinkPad L460 offers long battery life with its extended keyboards, loud audio, and best in class keyboards. However, although this affordable laptop is lighter enough to carry on every day, it is heavier and thicker than the others competitor. It also has the jumpy touchpad. Overall, with its long battery life, sharp screen, and snappy keyboard, this laptop is amazing option for business accomplishment.

Asus ROG GL552 Emerged As The Undisputed Victor Among Sub $1,000 Laptops

Gaming notebooks can place a serious dent in your wallet, with some of the most elaborate versions costing upwards of $3,500. But who says the proper outfit has to cost an arm, a leg and the spirit of your firstborn? Over the course of our testing, two gaming outfits rose to the top. The Asus ROG GL552 emerged as the undisputed victor among sub $1,000 laptops.

Sporting a sleek design, a beefy graphics card, and a high Heart i7 central processing unit, the notebook provided attractive frame rates and multitasking art with one of the finest screens we have seen in this budget. The remaining systems in this roundup have characteristics that may attract individual customers, but they’re not highly recommended. The $979 Asus ROG GL552 provides a surprising number of gaming operation via its Nvidia 960M images without emptying your bank account. The 15.6-inch notebook’s sleek, stealth fighter-inspired chassis is fantastic, but it’s the 1080p screen and it’s lively, accurate color that’s the real star of the show.

Also , we enjoy that Dell went for a sultry, sophisticated look that is certain to turn heads. Only speaking, Dell is putting its cash, functionality and battery life where its mouth is, and substantial multimedia users and gamers should pay attention. It is a powerful contender for players expecting to balance cost and performance. On the other hand, the notebook isn’t without its defects, in this instance, less than 3 hours of battery life and slow storage speeds. The HP Pavilion 15 Gaming Notebook is the coolest notebook on the list.

No, really. Because of HP’s CoolSense technology, this laptop will not roast your lap when the activity is at its hottest. Because of its Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M GPU, this $999 rig provides strong gaming performance for the cost, but you will need to turn down the settings to play most games at the display’s native,1080p resolution. The Razer-divine computer keyboard offers an excellent typing encounter while its Intel Core i7 chip provides strong productivity in an elegant aluminum chassis. What is demanding and badass on a 17- or 18-inch notebook is entirely adorable on a 13-inch rig. The $949 configuration of the Alienware 13 keeps the hallmark customizable light of its big brothers, for instance, stunning backlit computer keyboard. But this notebook is more than a lovely piece of technology, carrying an Intel Core i7 chip and a Nvidia GeForce 960 GPU, resulting in relatively great frame rates. Our problem with this affordable settings is its low resolution, 1366 x 768 screen, which has no place on any gaming notebook.

Carbon fiber, high sound, and an Intel Core i7 chip make the 14-inch Lenovo Y700 a formidable multimedia/gaming laptop. The only laptop on the list with AMD images, the Y700 does not perform as well as its Nvidia-powered foes, but we do enjoy the loud JBL loudspeakers, which hit well above their weight class. In regards to testing notebooks, we often look first at chip speeds, other characteristics, and, needless to say, battery life. We dwell on the finer points of chassis layout or computer keyboard feel, and opine constantly on the effectiveness of the part selections made by the producer in any specific version settings.

However, when you are looking to purchase a notebook, all to that falls away for the primary factor cost. Conversely, if you locate a pleasant deal of a laptop for less than $200, but it can hardly manage opening more than a couple of applications at a time, then it is not worth even its little cost. A budget sweet spot appears to be around $500. For that sum, you are clearly not going to get the latest, high-end parts. At the minimum, you will get a Heart M processor. It’s also wise to have the capacity to locate 4GB of memory, in addition to at least 320GB of hard drive space. When it comes to characteristics, budget notebooks should come with at least two USB 2.0 interfaces, and at least one USB 3.0 interface.

Locating an affordable laptop with an HDMI interface is a plus. The one characteristic you should not anticipate in this classification is a touchscreen display. But not everything in this cost range is a Windows-based system. The latest notebooks to emerge in the last number of years are Chromebooks. These low-cost Google Chrome-established notebooks may not offer an entire Windows encounter, but there are many new layouts to pick from, with costs below $300, and a user experience that is perfect for social media and Web-based productivity. Hardware, nevertheless, is proceeding to be minimal, with few links believe just one or two USB ports and even less storage, but you have got the cloud. And a powerful Wifi connection is essential for getting your Chromebook online and obtaining your files.

Dells XPS 13 An Excellent New Laptop With Great Features

Let’s see the new laptop from Dell company about Dell XPS 13 laptop

dell xps 13 laptop


We reviewed 2 models of the Dell XPs 13. One came geared up with a 7th-generation Core i5-7200U (Kaby Lake) processor, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB disk drive and 1080p display. The other included a Core i7-7500U CPU, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and a 3200 x 1800 touchscreen. Both sets of elements offered speedy performance in daily use and our lab tests, even if the difference in between this generation and the last design isn’t that considerable.

Even with more than a lots tabs open, I was able to quickly change from streaming the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, to popping into the Spotify Web Player, to beginning a Skype call. The XPS 13 didn’t stutter.
On Geekbench 3, which measures total efficiency, the Core i5 model scored 7159 and the Core i7 laptop computer notched 7915. Those are solid ratings, beating the HP Spectre with a 6th-generation Core i5 (7026) and blowing past the Core m5-powered MacBook (5906). The 7th-generation Core i7-powered Lenovo Yoga 910 (7988) beat both variations of the XPS 13.
The XPS 13’s PCI-e NVMe solid-state drive is pretty quick, hitting 339.3 megabytes per second. That easily beats the HP Spectre (195.9 MBps) and the Yoga 910 (244.2 MBps) however doesn’t rather exceed the MacBook’s 355.9 MBps.

The brand-new XPS 13 deals genuinely legendary endurance, enduring 13 hours and 49 minutes on the Laptop Mag web surfing battery test.
You’ll have no problem crunching numbers with this ultraportable. The Core i5 XPS 13 took a brisk 3 minutes and 55 seconds (the Core i7 took 3:44) to match 20,000 names and addresses in OpenOffice. The HP Spectre kipped down a comparable time to the Dell, and the Yoga 910 (3:34) and MacBook (3:11) were even much faster.

Graphics Performance

I was pleasantly shocked to see the XPS 13’s Intel HD Graphics 620 card manage the Dirt 3 driving game. With an Xbox controller connected to the laptop computer, I took pleasure in fairly good frame rates of simply over 28 fps on 1920 x 1080 at medium settings.
The XPS 13 also turned in an improved score on 3DMark Fire Strike, notching 916 (927 on Core i7). The Yoga 910 had a similar score of 915, however the HP Spectre (801) fared worse, with an older Intel 520 graphics card.

About Wi-Fi

The Dell XPS 13’s Killer 1535 Wireless-AC card, which comes requirement on all configurations, is one of my preferred functions. If I had this laptop instead of my 12-inch MacBook when I was working from house, I ‘d have a much easier time remaining connected to my workplace.

To check this card, I put both the XPS 13 and the MacBook on my desk, upstairs and down the corridor from my router in the living room. The XPS 13 had no trouble packing websites like and rapidly, however the Apple laptop had a hard time to preserve a connection.

To validate these results, I downloaded the NetSpot program, which surveys cordless networks and measures signal strength. From this very same place, the XPS 13 delivered a pretty good 42 percent on the 2.4-GHz band and 23 percent on the 5-GHz band. The MacBook scored simply 37 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

Great Web Cam

The greatest weakness of the XPS 13 is its cam, and it’s not because of the picture quality. Due to the fact that there’s no space above the display, Dell positioned the electronic camera below the screen, on the left side, right near the hinge. This odd placement leads to an extremely unflattering angle of your chin, as I experienced during a Skype video chat with a coworker.

Due to the fact that the webcam isn’t really centered, I had to rearrange the laptop computer so I wasn’t far off to the right in the frame.

Battery Life

The Dell XPS 13 was currently among the longest-lasting ultraportables on the marketplace, and the brand-new variation consists of a beefier 60-watt-hour battery– up from 56 watt hours on the previous model. As a result, the brand-new nontouch variation of the XPS 13 deals truly epic endurance, enduring 13 hours and 49 minutes on the Laptop computer Mag web surfing battery test. (We set all screens at 100 nits of brightness.).

You may want to think two times about the touch screen model if you really care about battery life. The XPS 13 we tested with a Core i7 CPU and a husky 3200 x 1800 touchscreen display lasted 4 and a half hours less, a time of 9:11. Still, that’s much better than the ultraportable average of 8:05.

That runtime means the XPS 13 lasted 3 hours longer than the Asus UX306UA (10:44), 4 hours longer than the Apple MacBook (9:38) and more than double the HP Spectre (6:13). The previous nontouch XPS 13 lasted 11:54.
The nontouch XPS 13 lasted 3 hours longer than the Yoga 910 (10:36), 4 hours longer than the Apple MacBook (9:38) and more than double the HP Spectre (6:13). The previous nontouch XPS 13 lasted 11:54.